Carry On (2003)

Carry On is an AW16 hard disk recorder job. Tom plays the guitars and my father the sax. Loose, yet energetic. Written way back in 1997 but only recorded in 2003-sorry about that bass pump!

Carry On

V1: Neighbours seem to die for every bit of the goss
“Did you hear, the Smith’s don’t even floss”
But the time comes when you’re in a bit of a need
Don’t look around, the town is a deserted field

V2: I know my father always used to say:
“Don’t worry, Son, the world is a rotten place”
My Mother always followed close behind, saying:
“They are the fool, you win inthe long run”

Chorus: Carry on, fight the fight that you believe in,
ya’ never know when time is up and you are leavin’
Carry on, you only have what you believe in
You never know, things just might be what they seem

V3: Narrow minds approaching on a narrow road HEAD ON!
and never seem to learn from it
But they need to press on come what may
The street they’re in, there is only one way

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