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New Guy

The seeds of this song were planted around 1986, when a foreign (English-speaking) believer happened to pass through our provincial town, and just sang and played guitar on the square for a couple of days. This was really new – not asking for a permit, not in police databases, not a business, not party members, not selling or trying to convert anyone to anything, not representing anything of this Earth. Authorities and the public didn’t know if this is a “done” thing, the existing references simply didn’t cover the possibility, but despite the low-key approach, we gathered (whether you listened to the Carpenters, Sex Pistols or Talking Heads) around as one. When he left, it felt like what angels passing through might feel like.


Verse 1:

One late summer day, I still remember

A new guy arrived to our town

He looked kinda different, in fact he was quite strange

He came from the outside, outside the system

said he came to unite, not divide, he was

hard to pin down, and we didn’t have the questions



Until long after he left

In that worn out green jacket

With a guitar on his back….

Dirty on the outside, he was always

Dirty on the outside, everyone could see

Dirty on the outside but if you looked real close,

His eyes were oh so clear

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Our Music Pages intro

Our Music Pages

In the Music category you’ll find our homemade music. Most of the stuff listed here was written by ZB, who also played bass and did some drum programming, mixing and other bits. T., T.S. (guitars) and my father R.B. (Tenor Sax) contributed their considerable talents on their instruments and helped in arranging and recording.
All of them also write and record their stuff and I’ll hope to include those on this site soon as well.

The songs listed below were recorded either on the computer, in a demo studio, live at a concert or on a HD recorder. Since 1995 we progressively got better equipment like condenser mikes, an ability to record 8 channels, monitor speakers, so the technical setup is constantly improving and technical results get better in line with that and our growing experience-but, having said that, don’t expect professional production values!

My philosophy on Music:

We all have songs, stories, etc. in us. Intellectual property currently is completely out of control. Graeme Phillips wrote this:

…the concepts of copyright and intellectual property are irrelevant in the digital age. The ease with which digital content can be copied and distributed made them so. But we live under an archaic system, designed to protect printers three centuries ago, which affords advantage to the same middlemen the internet has now made redundant.
The constant cry of those who wish to retain copyright protection is that it protects the artist’s livelihood, that without it there will be no incentive for people to play music, make films or write books. Rubbish. Shakespeare and Beethoven had no copyright protection. And the argument about protecting artists’ income streams is demonstrably false – less than 1 per cent of artists in any field receive more than a fraction of their income from royalties – they are paid for performance. The real argument is about protecting the income streams of producers, publishers, promoters, impresarios, packagers, distributors, etc, that stand between artists and their audience.

Sums up my feelings better than I could do it…what I would add to this is that it also impoverishes our culture by creating monolithic publishing. It creates an environment in which we feel inadequate when we fail to completely match the very high production values or internalise the monolithic message that are pumped into us by various media outlets in unison.

So, please go, and write down that song or story, design that web-page, make the clay or wooden objects or pictures that resonate with you. Celebrate the difference because You are different. It will free you and you’ll love it.

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The long walk (2009)

The long walk (in a dream) was recorded on the AW16 at home with T.S. doing the instrumental tracks + drum sequencing, Z on the vocal tracks. Music by T.S. and Z, words by Z. First time monitor speakers were used-so much nicer to mix!

The long walk (in a dream)

V1: Feels like walking in a dream
Yet I bleed when cut
And the pain sure feels real
As the clouds slowly break up

Chorus: I believe I’ve got a long way to go yet
On tired feet…good things are never easy
Long is the road, on lonely night the only company
Are distant lights…
Guiding if ever I should fall

V2: If I should ever fall
Who will pick me up?
Will I find in those eyes
Freedom, warmth and love


V3: Far horizons appear
My understanding clears
The clouds slowly break up, and it feels like
I’m waking from a dream…

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Pretty girl (1995 and 2008)

Pretty girl is our second song ever, originally done in the Henderson demo studio in a r’n'r style, but in 2008 re-recorded in a bluesy sound on the AW16 in 2008. A simple song but a good loosener at beginning of sets…

Pretty girl

Stay, girl, now that I’m in heaven
Don’t you leave, I’m not gonna tell him
That we’re having a ball
No, don’t answer that call
Baby let the phone ring while
the band plays rock’n roll

Dance, girl, the night is ours for taking
Dance away until our feet are aching
Now we’re having a ball
No, don’t answer that call
Baby let the phone ring while
the band plays rock’n roll

Pretty girl, can’t tell you what I’m feeling
Look at you…seeing is believing
And I want to believe
That tonight is for real
Baby how can I prove that tonight
You belong right here

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In 2005 Dad wrote a song that had no lyrics. I’ve managed to write something, but it happened to be in Hungarian.

2005-ben Apu irt egy dalt…de nem volt szovege. Vallalkoztam hogy irok valamit, es magyarul esett ki. Vegul egy “vilagszerte bolyongok blues-a” lett…benne van az elhagyott haza, az otthon maradt kedves, a nosztalgia, egy fejezet lezarodasa…de ugyanugy az optimizmus is, ami miatt valoszinuleg elindultunk 1988-ban a nagyvilagnak. Az lett a cime hogy “Keresztutak”.

Fáradt volt a nyár, beborult a táj
De valahogy emlékemben ott a napsugár
A keresztútnál álltunk, a kéz kezet fogott
Csendben váltunk, s kék szemedben az alkonyat ragyogott

Vártam hogy visszanézz, lestem ajkad, mosolyod
Szóltam, de nem hallottam már csendes válaszod
Kimondatlan igéret vagy szótlan szép dalod
Nem is tudom miért hittem a boldog holnapot

Országutak mentén azóta téblábolok
Tudom merre mentél de nem tudom merre vagyok
Ha keresztúthoz érek megint régi nyár ragyog
Látom árnyékod és még jól emlékezem, hogy

Vártam hogy visszanézz, lestem ajkad, mosolyod
Szóltam, de nem hallottam már csendes válaszod
Kimondatlan igéret vagy szótlan szép dalod
Nem is tudom miért hiszem a boldog holnapot

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Falling (1995)

We’ve recorded “Falling” in a small demo studio in Henderson, Auckland in 1995, which was our first actual recording.
Generally the band was well practised (and the live drums played by Chris was a great addition to the usual midi-patterns) but only the second part of the song got nailed…it’s never perfect, is it?


Intro: The night falls, the tide is here again
Quiet wind blows, the helper of the licking waves
The night falls, the tide is here again
Quiet wind blows accross the warm ocean of dreams

V1: You’re sinking, going under again
the moon, the falling leaves
As in womb, we breathe again
the coloured waters of our velvet dreams

The shallow shell that is flesh
gives way and the’re is no charade
Powers of life, cogs that mesh
Clear the road…the path is invisibly laaaaid…


Time lends you it’s helping hand
For a brief moment you’re one again
The dream can last ’till all times will end
or end at once, if you’re in pain

The moonlight creates purple shades
Dancing below, as you are floating
Sounds of streams and smells of meadows
are as clear as daylight on a July morning…


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Carry On (2003)

Carry On is an AW16 hard disk recorder job. Tom plays the guitars and my father the sax. Loose, yet energetic. Written way back in 1997 but only recorded in 2003-sorry about that bass pump!

Carry On

V1: Neighbours seem to die for every bit of the goss
“Did you hear, the Smith’s don’t even floss”
But the time comes when you’re in a bit of a need
Don’t look around, the town is a deserted field

V2: I know my father always used to say:
“Don’t worry, Son, the world is a rotten place”
My Mother always followed close behind, saying:
“They are the fool, you win inthe long run”

Chorus: Carry on, fight the fight that you believe in,
ya’ never know when time is up and you are leavin’
Carry on, you only have what you believe in
You never know, things just might be what they seem

V3: Narrow minds approaching on a narrow road HEAD ON!
and never seem to learn from it
But they need to press on come what may
The street they’re in, there is only one way

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Teenage song (lyrics only)

For somethig different, here is my loose translation by Zoltan of a hit called “Teenage song” (Tini Dal) by a Hungarian rock group Dinamit…no recording, just the lyrics (2003).
All you HU rockers who were growing up in the 80′s, try it, hum along… :)

In the dark nights, in every dream that I have had
I want to do right, and there is new spring in my step
But by the morning the vision disappears
Have to face the new day have to face the old affairs

Down at the corner everybody knows my name
My mind is made up I want to dull my aching pain
I’ll buy my hope there and I look for you to say:
Today was rotten but tomorrow is a brand new day

I don’t know laughter can’t hear your call
Maybe its this fix that will fix it all
The freedom of my dream always first that goes
I know that on the corner waits another day of long shadows

How many times now I said I’m never coming back
To this life here to this filth and to the crack
Still every morning whichever way I turn
I come back to the same spot and my words just turn to empty talk

But the time comes, sure, the day will come again
When my dream will not be followed by the pain
Sunlight is golden through the window fresh wind blows
I’ll never look back as I walk out of the long shadows

Out of the long shadows, OOOOOH,
from a looong shadows, yeah

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What would I do (kid’s song from 2006)

What would I do is a kid’s song written by kids (Timi mainly) around the year 2003. Grown ups have added the chords and some lyrics (the problem with young authors is that their attention wonders very quickly) and recorded in Dandenong using the AW16 on 18/3/2006

What would I do

Downright with the pesky flies
they eat butterflies and pies
the ladybugs and mice
wear three-piece suits and ties
Oooh-ooh, What would I do, without you, Jesus

You go to the circus
You watch the lions, they’re tame
You go around the tent
the horses there are lame
Oooh-ooh, What would I do, without you, Jesus

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(Let me show you) A better way (1999)

(Let me show you) A better way
A faith-epiphany. Tom S. and Z produced it from the same sessions of PC recordings as “Hard to leave”. I’d love to re-record singing, but the individual tracks are gone.

The air we breathe disperses the light
It’s but a shadow of itself up above
Only the rainbow knows it’s beauty and might
Invisible to naked eye

Flower of beauty, flower of style
You carry all the colurs that please the eye
What a waste when winter comes you have to die
Please explain that to me why

Bridge: Have you ever wondered then: what is awaiting us my friend
What’s the great news I’ve heard…
Well, let me…

Chorus: …show you a better world
Let me take you where you never hurt
Look up and you’ll see the height, you’ll be blinded by the light
Won’t want to be returned
Let me show you a better way
You’ll see new things every day
Wake up, start watching your life, passing as one long black night
Into a bright new day…

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Hard to Leave (1999)

Hard to Leave
Music and Lyrics by Z. T.S. produced it, programmed the drums and played the guitars when visiting from Auckland in 1999.
One of the better PC based recordings.

Hard to Leave

Last night I’ve been to a place that’s so hard to believe
It’s got bright white houses, likes of which you’ve never seen
People live in social, racial, sexual fiscal harmony
Their faces reflect feeling that we all know we need
And the music is so sweet, makes it so hard to leave…

A millionaire’s a beggar’s on the street that he owns
he is begging for forgiveness that he needs more than most
He can see it’s true but he still wonders how can it be
That if you want to be rich in THIS land, you need to have less money
’cause intelligent he might be, but smart he’ll never be

Walking down the boulevard there’s plenty to see
Sweet music feels the air with joy you can see
Heartbeat synchronised and the minds revitalised
Calling everyone back to their path to live their perfect life
And the music is so sweet, makes it so hard to leave…

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Like rain (Battle of Bands 1996)

Like rain is a battle of bands performance in Papatetoe, Auckland, 1996? T.S. on the guitars, Chris on the drums

Like rain

I lived my life
to the full, or so I thought in my mind
Never satisfied
Never finding what I liked I lived my life

I’ve searched for Love
All the places near and far I’ve searched for Love
Never knowing Love
Never seeing in the dark I’ve searched for Loooove

Like rain, the spirit will pour down
All love that we’ve used up
Like rain, the love from above
Is keeping us joyful and young in our heart

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Journey (1995)

Sitting in my courier van, waiting for a job on the corner of Hopetoun and Pitt St, these words just came to me…I could hardly grab a pen fast enough and write. Thank you to the higher power for these words! The audio is a live recording from the a battle of bands in 1996.


The traveller is on the road, sun is in the east
Time is slow and reasons for that concern him the least
Miles are quick to disappear under the willing feet
For the wide eyes of this wanderer at every turn there’s a feast

Confident and even strides send the Sun on the rise
Milestones pass him by, to count he can not see why
The scenery is black and white, either wrong or right
For the sharp eyes of this wanderer truth always shines through cloud

The shadows that were behind are slowly coming ’round
Suddenly crossroads appear and they puzzle him at times
Learns new feelings and more shades and questions arise
Just where is this walk and why does he walk the walk of his life

The long hot day has sapped his strength, dusk is creeping over land
Hill in front is still basking in Sun, tries to climb it but he can’t
He think back on the day, was it wisely spent
He wants nothing more just to be up there and so he begins to pray

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One white light (1995)

One white light is an early power song from the Henderson demo-studio, 1995. Trio performance, T.S. on rhytm and lead guitar, Chris on drums as well as lead vocals.

One white light

I need one light to lead me at night
To lead me out, to show me the way
One white light, shining oh so bright
Show me where I wouldn’t hurt

The day is young, the sun is high
Fears that torture are far away
(When the) valley opens where the shadows lie
For short lived happiness we will pay

One white light, warm my very heart
Reveal yourself to this down-and-out
Expand my mind, dispose of my pride
Tell me in desert what dangers hide

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