Falling (1995)

We’ve recorded “Falling” in a small demo studio in Henderson, Auckland in 1995, which was our first actual recording.
Generally the band was well practised (and the live drums played by Chris was a great addition to the usual midi-patterns) but only the second part of the song got nailed…it’s never perfect, is it?


Intro: The night falls, the tide is here again
Quiet wind blows, the helper of the licking waves
The night falls, the tide is here again
Quiet wind blows accross the warm ocean of dreams

V1: You’re sinking, going under again
the moon, the falling leaves
As in womb, we breathe again
the coloured waters of our velvet dreams

The shallow shell that is flesh
gives way and the’re is no charade
Powers of life, cogs that mesh
Clear the road…the path is invisibly laaaaid…


Time lends you it’s helping hand
For a brief moment you’re one again
The dream can last ’till all times will end
or end at once, if you’re in pain

The moonlight creates purple shades
Dancing below, as you are floating
Sounds of streams and smells of meadows
are as clear as daylight on a July morning…


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