The long walk (2009)

The long walk (in a dream) was recorded on the AW16 at home with T.S. doing the instrumental tracks + drum sequencing, Z on the vocal tracks. Music by T.S. and Z, words by Z. First time monitor speakers were used-so much nicer to mix!

The long walk (in a dream)

V1: Feels like walking in a dream
Yet I bleed when cut
And the pain sure feels real
As the clouds slowly break up

Chorus: I believe I’ve got a long way to go yet
On tired feet…good things are never easy
Long is the road, on lonely night the only company
Are distant lights…
Guiding if ever I should fall

V2: If I should ever fall
Who will pick me up?
Will I find in those eyes
Freedom, warmth and love


V3: Far horizons appear
My understanding clears
The clouds slowly break up, and it feels like
I’m waking from a dream…

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