Creative travel ideas

Travel is big business. A lot of successful current travel ideas are superficial aims that do not satisfy deeply, cost a lot (so we can’t do it often), so most of us do it very little. But by and large, isn’t that how it has to be? I mean, who is paid to come up with unique ideas that speaks to you like to no-one else and costs little to do? We can only do that ourselves, and that only if we block out all the noise money-driven enterprise makes around us. There are many almost free and very meaningful ways to travel: surfing some couches or hosting some who do , do some woof-ing (google it), or swap houses with lovely friendly families.

For a little more money, all sorts of possibilities will open. By pooling resources, few families could easily afford the purchase and upkeep of a motorhome stationed and ready in Europe. You don’t use it all the time anyway-why have one each? Or how about establishing a time-share scheme that has apartmants in various world cities? These things used to be expensive to set up and run, but harnessing internet technologies, it could be done quickly and cheaply. In  culturally rich and rewarding cities such as Budapest a small but quality apartment in the heart of the city would cost less than  40,000 Euros to buy and 20 euros per month to upkeep. Do the sums…being part of the time share company and renting out the family home for a year could pay for a year’s travel around the world.

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