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Paint by counting!

One way to get children counting

Some time ago, I wrote a program to get my kids to add and subtract numbers. I was hoping to motivate them using visual aid to get outside of the numbers tables and into the more random and real world of maths
Basically, Counter simply displays a table of dimension that you can specify, and you can jump forwards and backward by a number of squares and optionally "leave a trail". You can aim to copy a pattern already done, like this:

If you have kids between say 3-4 and 15, you might find this useful in a few different ways:

You can download the program (just a single exe file) here and if you want to further customise it, the Delphi project files here ...

To start a new screen, click File | New, adjust the size of the table, tick the "Leave trail" checkbox and click OK. Use the jump Forward and Backward buttons after entering the amount you want to jump.

Some suggested screens for the kids to aim at:

As always, feel free to modify this program to suit if you like...