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A file listing utility

A few times now I had a pressing need to list all my music, video, or some other files or calculate how much of a certain type of file there is in a directory. I haven't found a utility that would give this stuff easily, so I wrote one in Delphi.
Please find the compiled exe here as well as the Delphi7 project files if you want to further customise it...

The screenshot:

The features: Select the folder you want to work on and enter the extension of the file. Then

  • Make a text file of the music collection to share with others by clicking "Create List File"
  • Print this text file (from Notepad) to help navigating on mp3 players, etc.
  • Give an idea to the size of the collection o certain types of files in certain folders with "Calculate Size"

    Feel free to modify this program to suit if you like...I'm already using parts of the code at work to automate some tasks. I'd greatly appreciate if you emailed back any improvement to this!