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Welcome, Isten hozott, Dobrodosli

Dear Netizens,
Welcome to our family homepage. We commit the big events of our lives on this simple "webby" not only because we've learnt not to trust our feeble collective memory, but also to share thoughts, joys and plans with all our current and future friends.

Here we'd like to present less of the ordinary that is normally displayed for public viewing, and more the extraordinary that is in all "ordinaries" if we only peel away some layers.

So, thanks for coming, feel free to browse the bookshelves and no need to take the shoes off.
PS: New to the site is interactive blogging, to visit, please click the link!

The Bartus Family

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Our 6 months in Europe (2007)

Click here to read about the most memorable time in our lives. With our house in Australia rented out, we had the time to really get to know the so seductive lifestyle and jaw-dropping scenery the old lady Europe has to offer.

The "Old Hat" newstore

Yearly newsletters with pics. Written for us as much as for friends (if you're like us, you only realise how dense life is if making notes as life happens!)

Our 6 weeks in Europe (2003)

Having emigrated from Yugoslavia in 1989, during the worst economic problems and just before the wars that followed, we've felt like hitting the jackpot on our arrival to NZ. However, after during the next 14 years nostalgia crept up on us, and we were very excited to be able to finaly visit home..this is that trip, combined with a central European tour in a motorhome


A blog about travel ideas

Comments about the website

All blogs

Bare-boat charter in the Whitsunday Islands (2002)

There is a magical place on the North-East coast of Australia. Sixty odd beautiful islands that can be explored by hiring and sailing boats. Anyone coming to Australia: you have to do this!

Home-made music!

Just like home made wines...never as good as the big labels, not necessarily getting better with age, but strangely satisfying (to the ones making it, anyway). A few home-recordings and excerpts of texts

My soapbox or private corner of Hyde Park

Why the single global currency? Why FTAs and tariffs? 11 reasons why evolution couldn't happen. Euphemisms politicians love. These and other under- or misreported issues close to my heart.

Visual timeline of the awesome foursome: