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My precious links, the few that make all of the internet worthwhile

The linksDescription's start with something simple. If you are still using Internet Explorer, quickly use it one last time to download Firefox, close it down for good and repent for ever using it! no-brainer. I think we're still coming to terms with what it means when anyone can talk to anyone else, anywhere in the world, for free! Be part of the revolution.
www.wikipedia.orgTwo things really dear to my heart are knowledge and opennes. This site embodies both. Make a habit of using it, you'll learn heaps!
www.ted.comRiveting talks (on all sorts of topics) by remarkable people, free to the world! Translated into many languages too. search many torrent tracking sites, like isohunt, piratebay, etc.
http://azureus.sourceforge.netWhen you've got that torrent, you'll need something to download it with, won't you? A nice Java-based client. Only criticism is that it is a bit bloated...if you want a really lean client, use
http://sourceforge.netA fantastic site for all open sorce collaborations. Take your time to get to know what is available here, it will truly liberate you as a PC user. After a while when you encounter the Microsoft apps you left behind, they will positively seem like ancient history.'ve found this free HTML tool sufficient for building our family site. It is great! Aussie news site, also my homepage. Fairfax is a more balanced mainstream news company than most and the detail of reporting and analysis is just right for my (shrinking) attention span. Plus, it competes with the bastard called Murdoch so I just have to support it, don't I?'m into the big picture, which is what opinion pieces tend to be. Over the years I've worked out the good guys from the propagandist or just the plain blind. I like them bold, fearless, confronting. One of those is George Monbiot. See what you think of his articles... and request free acconodation on your travels, anywhere in the world! The exchange of free hospitality is a great way of meeting a special group of selected people you want to meet!