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Welcome, Isten hozott, Dobrodosli

The year 2006 started with the warmest night I can remember. I don't think the temperature went below 35 degrees, and it certainly didn't in our bedroom upstairs.
The Majka's slept in our house after the party, but when I woke up, I was so tired I couldn't speak to them.

Then there was another extreme heatwave after that. This is the first summer when I feel that the heat was too much (especially the nights-apparently greenhouse gases do cause this sort of evening out of temperatures) and are considering installing an air conditioner. Maybe it is a sign of getting older? Am I less fit than ever? Scary thoughts...

Zoe has started her first year in Wheelers Hill High School. Second day they were off to a 3 day camp, and when they were back, the friendships have already been established. Not a bad way to go!

She has also gone back to her first love (gymnastics) whereas Timi has continued with dancing (she's loving it too), jazz balet and this year classical balet as well for the posture. Looks like both of them have found their passion, which is very cool.

You know how Timi can be annoying and wanting a hug all the time? Well, Zoe made a picture to remember that..

Beata has started to work to 3.30pm most days (instead of 5pm) which has made an enormous difference in the quality of our lifes. This is the first time ever we have chosen willingly to give up some income since we've started out in New Zealand in 1991 and it feels great, like we have arrived in a different phase in our lives.
This means that I'm driving separately to work (which I don't like) but one or two days a week I go with Bea and come back with a bike (the bike goes to work on a bike rack). Great training, I'm already noticing how I'm staying in higher gears on the uphill sections-so looks like I'm getting some power back into those ex-soccer pegs!

I've got my hand on some fantastic literature, list!
-Zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance (R. Pirsig)
-A short history of nearly everyhting (B. Bryson)

The biggest find has been more Noam Chomsky, whose books and films (a 6 Gb collection torrent is downloadable, search on I've thought a lot about the underlying assumptions that allow people to have such divergent views on sociological issues...but it was great to find someone so knowledgeable as Chomsky and to be on such a similar wavelenght as well.

In fact there has been a bit more to our personal development.
-Discovering how my most deeply held views are also often held by those calling themselves Christian anarchist
-Realising that I'm holding a lot of similar thoughts in political issues with "progressives", a sort of liberal leftist movement
-Listening to people going through cancer, etc, reading Coelho's Alchemist making us realise to go for our dreams

In March we celebrated Timi's 10th birthday.
We told her this is the last big party, and she nodded but we're not sure how long will the agreement last (she usually starts counting the months to the next b/day a couple of months after one!)

Also in March, at my parent's place we've recorded the song "What would I do" written by Zoe and Timi a few years ago. Have a listen to the song here .

***STOP PRESS!!!***
In April, I've got my first white hair! It is on my chin, very prominent. Nice!
Very proud now, as I'm obviously wise.
***Resume Press***

I have shown Zoe how to do some HTML. At first she resisted, but when she saw that it is not that hard, plus realised that her friends also have personal homepages, she got very interested. That weekend she kept experimenting, and soon came up with her first page here . Timi, while I was teaching Zoe, has positioned herself strategically behind us, and unbeknown to us, picked up every word as well. Of course, her creation didn't lag far behind here .
Since then, she can, and frequently does assert, very confidently, that Zoe's page "is allright, but not that good". Not "what good"? Not as good as her's, of course. (Just watch what you click on, it is a minefield!)

In...ummm...April, I think, we hatched a plan. We'd rent out our house (furnished, if poss.) and live in a small apartment until early next year, thus saving up some money...then hit the air corridors around the world and travel for a few months with the girls. Big OE for the little ones and a little refresher from work for the big ones. It was very exciting when our house turned up on "For Lease" page of the real estate agent's web step closer to the dream!

The realtors must have made a mash-up using Google Earth, as we were able to zoom right in from the air...we quickly checked out which neighbour has a swimming pool... :)

In May we've got a call at work...G.G., our dear friend is going to Scotland...we go back a long way, G.G. and us. Somehow, independently of each other we always turn up at the same countries. But hang on, does this mean we're heading to Scotland as well? Oh, no...Anyway, we've met up, I took his Magnat AR6 speakers off him (I love that brand, this is my third pair I own currently) and wished him well. I can't believe we won't meet again! (Or is this just Pavlov's reflex?)

Also in May Dad sold the big truck, got a small ute instead...downsizing, maybe semi-retirement is not that far away...

Timea had a fantastic opprtunity (got in on a bit of a lottery) to go to Somers camp, a 9 day (!) camp run by the Department of Education near the tip of Mornington Peninsula ( It was mighty cold, and most kids came back with a good dose of cold but the activities more than made up for it!

Zoe had a gym "compo" in July, where she hasn't done as well as she could have. To make matters worse, a certain "Natasha from Chamford" cleaned up. To cap that, we kept teasing her "I'm sure Natasha from Chamford would eat her dinner" or "We're sure Natasha from Chamford keeps her room more tidy than that". It was really funny then, when one day, when she got her math test back with the best result in class, and she exclaimed "Beat that, Natasha from Chamford"!
This could end up as a family folklore. I wonder what our friends will think if they witness us exclaming something with an excitable cry about some Natasha!