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News from 2007

The new year starts with us living in the Dandenong apartment, our temporary accomodation for another 3 months before leaving to the European trip. A lot of the things from the house cramped in into the apartment. It is claustrophobic, hot, noisy, smelly (metres from the major arterial road Princess Hwy). We remember the conveniences we've left behind in the family home with a big sigh, but we know each day we're closer to the big adventure, our planned trip to China and Europe! My favourite Jack Johnson lyrics really sum up our pre-trip feelings:

I want to be where the talk of the town
is about last night when the sun went down
And the trees are dancing and the warm wind blows
And the same old time
And the water below gives a gift to the sky
And the clouds give back every time they cry
Make the grass grow green beneath my toes
And if the sun pops out
Iíll paint a picture all about
The colours Iíve been dreaming of
The hours just donít seem enough
To put it all together
Maybe itís as strange as it seems mmm mmm

Bushfires really took off this summer. There was an otherwise cloudless week when the sun was just a red disk (all day) because the bushfires, hundreds of kilometers away, filled the air with grey smoke.

We're trying to decide which car to sell...both Beata and I like one more than the other, but not the same one! Anyway, we hate selling, it is a real drag. Little do we know how this problem is going to be solved so quickly.

One really good thing is that the apartment is some 10 kms closer to the sea (about 15 kms away). We can ride a bike to Patterson Lakes on the dedicated bike path along Dandenong Creek, or just hop down in a car after work.

One afternoon we took the whole family plus granpa (who just came out of the hospital following surgery) to Edithvale beach. I (Z) was doing a U turn without noticing car behind us which crashed into the side of our Audi at some 70km. Both cars were writeoffs, flying glass/elbows/heads in the cabins caused plenty of bruises and cuts but the Audi we were in amazingly stayed together (the other car, also 1.7 tonne V6 family sedan was a mess, the driver was saved only by the airbag).
The structural integrity of the Audi was amazing. Even the door that took the impact worked! So, my beloved Audi (it was my favourite) went with a bang (literally). At least we didn't have to decide which one to sell, and then go through the pain of selling it :)

April 15: Leaving to the big "Europe 2007" trip. Click on the picture

for a pictorial / travelogue on the time of our life!

We came back to Melbourne from Europe on October 21st, the day after the tenants moved out of our home. Amazing timing.

Straight back to the tasks at hand: Moving back to the house, starting our jobs, the girls actually couldn't wait to go to school! So many impressions, plans, memories. So much to catch up on in Australia: friends, happenings, events! Sorting out the thousands of photos taken on the trip, and the hours of video footage alone took us months.
Ernie, a cousin from our hometown is plannig to come in January to visit us here, very exciting!

We're looking for a family car as well, to replace the Audi...the choice falls on a dark blue Mitsubishi 380. Nicest car we've ever had! Suddenly Beata has become a "wroom-wroom" sorta driver, and enjoys beating others off the line at traffic lights :) On the negative side, she has noticed others don't let her in as easily now as when she was driving the Corolla...maybe they can't see the blonde hair from behind the tinted windows? :)

The girls (mainly Timi, but Zoe has contributed as well) write a short story called "The Strangest Family I have ever met". No doubt they were inspired with what they perceived as weird behaviour in our home by the grown-ups, especially in this crazy travel-year. A year later they still can't read it without doubling up with laughter, so I thought it should get a page in the family annals.

??? Anectdotes? Interesting bits?