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The Strangest Family I have ever met!

Chapter 1:

One evening the Photo family broke the news to Catherine. "WERE GOING CAMPING IN THE BUSH FOR 1 WHOLE WEEK IN THE SUMMER HOLIDAYS!!" yelled Cat.
"No dear, just 6 days in a campsite in term 3 holidays. It's not that bad..." Hushed Mother Hubbard.
Father Blue replied, "Or we could go sailing in a desert?!" He said that.
"And how are you meant to do that strange thing god damn father blue!?" said Cat. Mother Hubbard randomly started crying.
What is wrong now? Another tooth went rotten? I just don't understand you freaks!!" screamed Cat.

Chapter 2:

Mother Hubbard was crying, Father Blue was pretending to play squash by himself and Cat was sleeping. It was 4:30 in the morning. Maximus, the campsite owner was walking towards the family.
"OH DO YOU EVER STOP CRYING? I HAVEN'T HAD A WINK OF SLEEP!" Maximus got a lolly out of his pocket and shoved it in Mother Hubbard's drooling mouth. "And oh you, father WEIRD!" he said with a red face. Then father blue started crying!
Cat woke up and joined the group. "Are you a strange as well?" asked Maximus. "Oh no, but i do live with the strange people."

Chapter 3:

"So Catty, are you excited to go back home?" asked Mother.
"Spending 3 hours in the car with you losers- no. Going back home to chill with friends- Yah!"
This upsetted Hubbard. "It's not fair; can't you just put one of my 18 brothers in jail? JUST NOT ME!" Mother Hubbard wimped.
"Ah that was very selfish of you. Couldn't you just put yourself in jail? Why your bro's have not done anything wrong!" Father Blue replied.
Soon after that father Blue was pretending to win a match of basketball.

Chapter 4:

While Father Blue was pretending to win a gay b-ball match, Catty, Mother Hubbard was fighting again.
"He shoots, he scores!" father shouted to the gay people fighting.
"Some people just get all the luck." said Catty's uncared sister/brother Bog. This was strange because this uncared rat never talked. The name was Bog.
"BOG SHUT UP!" The whole photo family screamed in Bog's ears. Bog went back in her hole.

Chapter 5:

When Bog went back in her hole the parents and Catty had a discussion about Bog. They decided to build a brick wall over her hole but while they were building it Bog slipped out. They heard someone singing a strange song, this is how it went:
"I want to jump and scream in a stadium, full of Hungarians!" She just kept reapeting it very loudly. Everyone thought it was Bog but NO. It was Bog + Catty's brother Fish!

Chapter 6:

"MOTHER! FATHER! SISTER! bog." Fish said. "I have finally found my family!"
Mother Hubbard and Bog started crying. Cat teased him and started calling him fat when he hasn't eaten in years, and father blue was still pretending to win his gay b-ball match without realising his long lost son had come home.
When he finally realised he yelled and punished Fish for coming home, and told him he wasn't welcome to the family. Bog and Fish had something in common. They were both unwanted. They fell in love, got married and started a family (incest). Because they didn't have a last name they decided on Frame.

The end!